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With over 50 years aviation experience between them, the Directors created FlyMagic out of a passion for flying and a desire to make the magical world of aircraft accessible to a wider audience.

How It Works
1. Select an activity from those shown below.
2. Purchase using our 100% secure server or purchase over the telephone.
3. You will receive a gift voucher (valid for 12 months) and an activity information pack.
4. The recipient calls us to book a time and date of their choice.

Balloon Flight




balloon flight
microlight flights
glider flights

An unforgettable and breathtaking aerial adventure...(more)

Experience the magic of the early days of flying... (more)

Breathtaking glider flights to 2,000 or 3,000 feet... (more)

The ultimate aerobatics adrenaline buzz....(more)

Jet Flights


Vintage Flights


jet flights
simulator flights
vintage flights
helecopter flights

Fly at speeds in excess of 600 miles an hour...(more)

Accurately replicates the characteristics of the Bell JetRanger...(more)

Experience, feel and smell aviation history...(more)

One of life's most exciting and uplifting experiences...(more)

Hot Air Balloon Ride and Balloon Flight from FlyMagic

Hot Air Balloon flight what you're looking for.. then look no further, you’ve found it.. a hot air balloon flight from FlyMagic, the aviation experts with a combined experience of over 50 years. A hot air balloon flight is a wonderfully superb and serene experience. Purchase a hot air balloon flight or balloon ride as a gift for someone in your life. A hot air balloon flight or balloon ride from FlyMagic is the experience of a lifetime.
What makes a hot air balloon flight so wonderful? Maybe it’s the unique way in which you can float silently over mother earth without disturbing her; or maybe it’s the way that animals don’t seem to notice that you are there. Some people regard a hot air balloon flight as a spiritual experience; perhaps a part of us longs to be free in the sky? When the hot air balloon lands, tradition dictates that you celebrate your return to Mother Earth with a champagne toast.

Gift Experience

Gift someone a FlyMagic aviation experience as the perfect gift for a friend, family member or loved one. We have several gift ideas that will make your loved one speechless with surprise! Our vouchers also make perfect business gifts as a token of appreciation to staff, management or clients.
If you think they would love an aviation experience but want to give them the chance to select a specific gift themselves, then why not buy one of our gift vouchers to a specific value? The recipient can then either ‘top-up’ the gift voucher themselves and go for a more expensive gift or can use the value of their voucher to buy a number of different aviation experiences.
We can provide a gift for a man, gift for a woman, gift for an executive, gift for birthdays, gift for anniversaries, gift for Christmas, an unusual gift, a unique gift, an original gift or simply a special gift for that special occasion.

Christmas Presents from FlyMagic

Christmas presents what you're looking for.. then look no further, you've found it! FlyMagic vouchers for flight experiences make a unique and unusual Christmas present idea. As a unique Christmas gift, this unusual Christmas present idea is the perfect solution.
Forget the handkerchiefs, socks and CD’s this year; a FlyMagic Christmas flight gift is a gift remembered forever. We will send the recipient (or directly to you) a flight gift voucher for their Christmas present. The voucher is valid for 12 months and will come with full instructions on how they can redeem their flight. We have literally thousands of satisfied customers who have been absolutely delighted with their Christmas present and we can guarantee that they will remember their experience for the rest of their lives (and, more importantly, the person who bought them their Christmas present flight experience!).
The on-line gift shop for unique and unusual Christmas present gift ideas. We have the perfect Christmas gift for man, a special Christmas present for woman, unique Christmas present gifts, unique novelty Christmas presents as well as unique and fun Christmas gifts. If you need an unusual Cristmas present check out our great range of unique christmas presents now!
If you find christmas present shopping about as much fun as dentistry without anaesthetic, take a peek at our superb range of flight experiences. Each aviation experience comes as a voucher that is redeemable within 12 months of purchase, making it the ideal christmas present, giving them the freedom to choose when they wish to fly.

Team Building
Team Building is recognised by many companies as an important factor in providing a quality service and remaining competitive. Yet the term team building can sometimes seem rather nebulous - people often know that they need it, but aren’t quite sure what it is.

Where the teams do not relate well, they are called ‘team islands’, and it is the relationship between the teams that becomes the main focus for change. The largest scale is that of organisational team building. With the exception of the senior management team, the ability of individuals to make an impact on the corporate culture is very limited. One of the key aims of team building is to change the behaviours and attitudes prevalent in the organisation, which are almost independent of who actually works there - new recruits who are ‘different’ often start behaving in accord with the existing culture.

In essence, a team is a group of people working towards a common goal. Team building is a process of enabling the team to achieve that goal. The stages involved in team building including clarifying the goal, identifying the inhibitors and removing them. The nature of the team building varies in terms of scale, and what you are trying to achieve.

We can create a fantastic team building day for you, tailored to meet your key objectives, be it team-building, morale-building or corporate training. We are able to bring together a number of different aviation elements to make an exciting and exhilarating day. With over 50 years direct experience in this field, we know we can put the wow factor back into your event.

Helicopter Flights

Helicopter Flights and Helicopter Rides make the perfect gift and are one of life's most exciting and uplifting experiences. Treat yourself or give a helicopter voucher for someone special to enjoy; for executive/business - unique helicopter gift ideas for corporate hospitality, an ideal present or special helicopter gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, fathers/mothers day or turn an ordinary day into an exceptional helicopter one.

Our helicopter experiences make the perfect gift - whether for your loved one, children, or even yourself! With such a wide range of helicopter experiences to choose from, you’re sure to make someone’s helicopter dream come true.

We have 3 types of helicopter experience: the Bronze Helicopter Flight, the Silver Helicopter Experience, the Gold Helicopter Dream and the Challenger Helicopter Simulator experience. Each is designed to highlight a particular aspect of helicopter flight, enabling people to experience the very best in helicopters and helicopter flight.

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